Looking for some children's book about going to the dentist? Do you want to own some good books that your child will love?  Has your child  been to the dentist, and it didn't go as planned? Will this be a 1st dentist visit ever? Does your child get comfort from knowing details in advance of a new experience? Are you unsure what your child will experience?


Well you are at the right place, Jessica have two new, informational, fun and exciting books to meet your family needs!

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Today is Jacob's 1st time going to the dentist. He doesn't know what it will be like or who he will meet.  Just before getting started he meets a new friend Flying Fiona who is a tiny fairy that's hiding on every page of the book. Fiona explains everything before it happens so Jacob knows what to expect.  Only Jacob can see Fiona but this little Fairy is a big help. 


***Dual language book!!!!***

Flying Fiona and Baby Emma at the Dentist:

Emma's Infant Dental visit/


Flying Fiona y La bebe Emma:

La primera visita dental de Emma 

FF Emma front cover.jpg

Looking for a book about a 1st dentist visit for an infant?  What should you expect? What is all done during that appointment?  Will it be like an adult for preschooler dentist appointments?  If a child only has a few teeth, is this needed? All these questions and more are answered and more in this dual language English/Spanish book, Flying Fiona and Baby Emma at the Dentist: Emma's Infant Dental Visit.

Flying Fiona Y La Bebe Emma: La primera visita de Emma 

About the Author


Jessica O'Leary is a registered dental hygienist in the state of Wisconsin. She graduated from Marquette University with a bachelor's degree in dental hygiene. Her focus is educating patients of all ages on how to best care for their teeth. As a dental hygienist for over 18 years she has worked with lots of children of all ages. Some parents don't know what to expect at a child's 1st teeth cleaning appointment and think it will be similar to their adult cleaning. This motivated her to write her first children's book.  Teaching has always been an interest for Jessica and she is now doing so through her  published children's book.  Jessica is married and has two children and two puppies.


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As a new grandparent I'm excited to buy my granddaughter a book that I know she will love!  Lots of people my age have had bad experiences at the dentist and things have changed a lot over 60 years and I can see that in the pictures in this book.  My granddaughter's experiences will never be like mine and for that and this book I am thankful. 


Rose T.

Oak Creek, WI



Contact Jessica if you have any questions or to get a signed copy of her book.  She would love to come do an author event at your event.  

If you have any experiences you would like to see Jacob, baby Emma or Flying Fiona go on please email Jessica your ideas. 

email:  jessicaoleary04@gmail.com

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