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My name's Jessica O'Leary and I'm an author, dental hygienist, wife and mom.  When my kids were really little I realized how closely they watched me and would act out what they saw me do while they played. This opened my eyes to the fact that what I do, my kids WANTED to do!

Now most parents already know this, but what I have come to see more clearly is that if I take all my struggle areas of self care and model them for the kids as no big deal, they will WANT to do it too. By changing my belief that as a parent I must come last in line, I am showing my kids that their #1 asset is their body and their health.  

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So what does self care mean? 

Self care is anything that you do for your own well-being. 


Self care is caring about your mental, spiritual and physical health and taking steps to ensure its well being. It can be as simple as getting a good night sleep, brushing teeth, routine medical checkups or taking time for yourself. 

My goal is to teach parents and kids to embrace self care, not as a luxury, but as a necessary preventive step to ensure health and wellness. When parents practice

self care at home, their children will see it and do it and a healthy cycle will begin!


My books on Self care 

I am extremely proud and excited to share my Flying Fiona series of books. These books are a helping hand to get kids ready to embrace the self care act of routine dental care.  Plus, reading and looking at the illustrations will promote a sense of familiarity to aim for success at that first visit.

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Please reach out and share your self care success stories of you and your child.  Parents uniting together and being real about the fact that they don't put themselves last in line. Teaching kids that no matter what age or stage in life they are in, self care is essential.  


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