About Jessica the Author
Combining my 2 passions, reading my book
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This is Jessica, she's a dental hygienist 3 days a week and writes picture books about going to the dentist the other days, plus super fun family stuff too. 

She loves kids and families and likes to talk and uses her hands alot and LOVES to show people stuff lol! 
She read a few kids book about the dentist and though they were
weird and some of the stuff in them was wrong and a bit scary, so she decided to write her own. 

Jessica decided she needed a super cool character in her books, so she contacted me, Flying Fiona and I was like
fo sho!  j/k I was like YES YES YES!!
I totally get to do cool stuff in these books like sometimes I'm hiding on the pages but other times I wanna talk and stuff so I do.  So, make sure you look for me on each page of every book. 

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See me hiding?