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Preparing for a brand-new experience!
Going to the dentist


Learn all about the dentist with
me, your new best friend Flying Fiona!


Before you go to the dentist, read this book a few times because at the dentist we are going to make some choices and see some new things.


  • Dentist Toothpaste:

There are different toothpastes flavors to pick and it's different from home toothpaste because there's no tube!

Crazy right?!

The toothpaste comes in little bowls.  The texture of the toothpaste is crunchy.  It reminds me of when I walk without shoes on the beach. 


It's like flavored toothpaste with a bit of sand mixed in from the wind.  Sandy-windy-dentist-toothpaste, that should be its new name. Obvs. it's not sand, lol.  You can't eat sand silly.




  • Sunglasses:

You get to decide if you want to wear sunglasses or not. Sometimes there are different colors you can pick from, or you can always bring your own! 

Wearing sunglasses inside make me laugh, so I say YES
 to indoor sunglasses!

  •  X-rays

X-rays are special pictures of your teeth to make sure there are no cavities on them or on the sides of them.  You might get x-rays of your teeth but you might not. 


Here's what Jessica says 
A child's 1st dental visit is an exciting experience!  So many new things to see, taste, touch and smell.  Kids and parents will find safety and comfort in knowing the sequence of events to come, and this book series is a great way to achieve that.


Flying Fiona and Baby Emma at the Dentist:Emma's Infant Dental Visit
(Dual Language)

FF Emma front cover.jpg

 Jacob's baby sister Emma is going to the dentist too because she is almost 1 year old!


Babies have teeth and they keep some of them for a longish time and then their teeth start falling out when they're in kindergarter-ish. 


I love saying ish to teeth things because teeth grow when they want to. New big teeth will start growing in around age 6-ish.




Here's what Jessica says
An infant dental visit is a new concept for a lot of families.  What is the purpose and what will it be like are 2 common questions from parents.  This book is a great intro for parents and baby to set the stage for a positive, productive experience for all. 

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