Dual language, English/Spanish Book 

 1st dentist visit for an infant  


  • Unsure of what you and your child should expect?

  • What even happens during an infant dental appointment?​


  • With only has a few teeth, is this appointment even needed?

  • Will I be allowed in the room with my child?


  • Is it a problem if my child is wiggly or has stranger anxiety?


All these questions and more are answered in this book

in a fun, kid friendly way through illustrations and text. 


Valentine's with book purchase

Self Care tip:


Let your child watch you brush and floss your teeth.  Narrate each step as you're doing it and add some silly songs, gestures, counting or whatever your child will recognize and engage with. 


When using imaginative play, pretend to brush a toy's teeth and talk about what you're doing and why. Give praise to the toy for opening wide and for having clean teeth and for being patient while you brush it's teeth.  Making flossing a normal part of the tooth brushing routine vs. an occasional step and this will help when your child independently takes over this role. 

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