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Updated: Oct 14, 2022

large circle with 5 subcircles stemming from it showing 5 ways to brush kid's teeth
5 ways to brush kid's teeth

Brushing kid’s teeth of any age can be a real struggle! Here are 5 ways to brush your kid’s teeth.

Swaddle Time: Drag out your swaddle blankets or any blanket and swaddle them up like they were a newborn all over again. Have some fun with it, let them pick their favorite blanket and let them decide if they want to do a pencil roll or they can pretend they’re a baby and you can swaddle them up. The key is their arms aren’t able to grab at the brush to push it away in protest.

It’s just me back here: Kids have many seating options in most houses. Choose a highchair, car seat, or any chair they love, then go behind them and brush their teeth. Their head can lean against your chest while you brush so their neck is supported.

Lay me down, lay me down: Distraction is helpful with this method. Give them something they’ll enjoy holding onto and lay them down to brush their teeth. Some parents straddle over the top of them trapping their arms and preventing them from rolling over. Another option is to lay them in a corner again preventing the rolling. You can sit them on your lap and tip them back so their head is in the crook of your arm.

Monkey see, monkey do: Have them sit on a counter or in a high chair while you are brushing your teeth and let them watch. Then go grab their toothbrush and see if they’ll brush their own teeth. Praise the effort. Let them practice brushing then you take a turn. You can decide who brushes first you or your child.

It Takes 2: This is a knee to knee exam position and requires 2 people. 2 adults sit across from each other and touch knees which creates a table. You have your child face you with their legs around your waist and then you lay them back placing their head on the other person’s lap. You can control their arms and legs and the other person controls their head and brushes their teeth. This positioning is commonly used in dental offices and pediatrician visits for young children.

These are 5 simple positions to try if you are having a hard time brushing your little one’s teeth. Any gentle loving strategy that works for you is the perfect option, no need to switch!


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